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 strategy & development & implementation

Born in the middle of The Netherlands I’m a true and proud Dutchman which explains my directness and love for sailing.

If you are Dutch, why do you write everything in English?

Good question but easy answer. I love international business, I think internationally and like to enlarge my view to Europe and therefor be able to introduce myself to international companies. Thats why. I want my horizon to be bigger than just The Netherlands.

All my adult life I have been inspired and motivated to embrace innovation and change. It started with a company (together with a good friend) when I was studying Small business & Retail Management called Eagle-I and proudly we introduced filtered internet to The Netherlands as first ISP. We sold the company and moved on to the next challenge. For me it was travelling around the world with my wife and discovering the beauty of our planet, embracing different cultures and accepting change as a common value and finally finishing my bachelor degree.

I know the challenges of a startup with my experience with Eagle-I and MROair. I also experienced the dynamics of SME for almost 14 years in Zig Websoftware and now I like to use my competences, knowledge and experience to help others.

How about a call to get to know each other?

In my professional life I focused on business development and Marketing.

“Market value that is available now, finding new value for the future” – Marketing vs business development

What about Innovation: Well, a lot of people talk about, I like to do it. And it doesn’t take a whole lot to start implementing innovation today.
It is all about a mindset and I like to help you towards successful innovation in your company.

Many industries and companies are facing the challenge to implement innovation, change and new tooling but find it hard to change from operational to strategical and this where I can help. With an eye for trends/value and the ability to transform that into reachable goals gives me the confidence I can bring value to your company as well.

Want to know how?  Let’s drink a cup of coffee and find out.

Marketing strategy:
💡 Lead generation strategy;
💡 Market penetration;
💡 CTA strategy;
💡 Content-/ video-/ online-marketing.

Business development:
✅ Market Entry;
✅ Market validation;
✅ Proof of concept delivery;
✅ Minimal Viable Product;
✅ Startup/Scale up mentality;
Tam/Sam analysis.

Why Work With Me

People who work with me always tell me they like the combination of professionalism, dedication and laid-back personality. It is these characteristics that help me to deliver value and stay relaxed doing so.

Working with me means: enthusiasm, creativity, dedication, value driven, looking at the bigger picture and above all, focus on long term relationships that will last even when assignments are over.

Marketing strategy
Business development
Innovation concepts


What industries do I have experience in

Real Estate

Woningcorporaties & Commercial Real Estate

14 years of experience


MRO & Innovation

3 years experience

Small Business

Startup & Medium size company

5 years experience

What others say about Menno

Menno’s energy and focus are contagious. He champions a goal-driven exploration of problems with a ‘think different’ strategic mindset – always infused with his characteristically constructive Dutch candor. He endeavors to engage his colleagues/organization on this journey. This helps maximize outcomes while strengthening the team. While Menno was at MROair, I had the opportunity to see these traits in action, spanning strategic business development and tactical marketing efforts. I can’t wait to work with Menno again!

Arun Chhabra, 8-Tree

“Menno and I have had the opportunity to work together at the launch of MROair.
I got to know Menno as a committed, interested guy. He is reliable and honest.
Menno is very enthusiastic and likes to share that enthusiasm with others.
He managed to convert this enthusiasm into a wonderful product, a good international network and a company to be proud of. He is therefore both hands-on and strategically strong and I can certainly recommend him.
With his creativity, he is able to come up with solutions for complex problems that you would not think about beforehand.
With Menno in your team it’s never boring!”

Bart Brouwer, MROair

“What a relief to be able to work with Menno as sales. You give him one word and Menno thinks strategically ahead about how you can influence the market and does not hesitate to use everything to achieve this action with inspiration and marketing tools.

Critical, positive, dead-honest and always aware of what’s going on. And if he is not, he will take care of it! Thank you for the beautiful ensemble Menno.”

Marleen van Dijk, Zig Websoftware

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City: Amersfoort, The Netherlands